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The digitization process allows you to save and distribute more information electronically: e-readers replace books, we read the newspaper on our smartphone and many commercial transactions are made over the Internet. The development of information and communication technologies (ICT), which underlies digitization, is considered a fundamental innovation. Inventions like this profoundly change society and the economy, just like the steam engine and electricity.

In the wake of the digital age, the music and photography industry, as well as commerce, the communications sector and, more recently, taxis have changed considerably. Such mutations often trigger discomfort and defensive reactions, as evidenced by protests from taxi drivers in various cities around the world against Uber. As with any structural change, the issue of the necessary adaptation time is crucial, especially in the labor market. With Economy and Business this is important now.

What does the digital transformation process mean for Swiss economic policy?

Investments and increased productivity

First, the profound changes induced by digital influence economic growth. For simplicity, it can be said that an economy can grow in two ways: either by increasing the amount of work and physical capital used, or by making more efficient use of available resources to improve productivity. Innovation, technical progress or better training of the workforce is all ways to increase the efficiency of available resources.

Digital World

On the other hand, digital can influence economic growth in different ways. It leads to increased investment in physical capital (software, servers, and networks), increased productivity in the ICT sector thanks to rapid technological progress as well as an increase in productivity in general due to the use of ICT in the different branches of industry and services.

The Study

  • A study conducted for Germany showed that the growing use of IT between 1998 and 2012 contributed more than a third to the growth of value added in our northern neighbor.
  • Another study on the European Union and the United States, covering the years 1995 to 2007, reaches the same conclusions: for the EU, about one-third of GDP growth is related to digital; in the United States this figure is even 40%.
  • This increase is mainly due to investment in IT and increased productivity in the ICT sector. The productivity gains achieved through the use of digital technologies play a somewhat less important role.

The automation of production processes and the reorganization of the whole value-added chain make it possible to increase productivity by using ICT. New business models (including Internet platforms) and relatively rapid growth (through the use of the Internet as a distribution channel or new lessons learned from data analysis) also contribute to this. Such effects, however, are difficult to quantify and their importance remains controversial in the economic literature.


One of the important steps in designing and implementing websites, often neglected by many developers, is optimizing the search engine system. Known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the procedure involves a number of techniques for designing, updating, and promoting the website with the goal of placing it in top positions in search engine listings (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, Yandex, etc.) after certain keywords.

As the percentage of Google search engine users is significant compared to other competitors, basically SEO optimization for search engines has turned into SEO optimization for Google. From Phoenix SEO you will be having the best options now and that also within the budget that that you have. But before that you will need to know the opportunities that you have now. Let us have a look at that.

Brief SEO History: Indexing And Ranking Algorithms

Designing the system to include html TAGs:Meta title, Meta description, meta keywords, h1 to h6.

Designing the system for working with friendly URL links

Update the above listed tags for each page of the website with specific keywords; their placement and description of the page, in a 6-16%, etc.

Promote the website by signing up to as many portals and web directories. The old Google Indexing and Ranking algorithm considers a website to be important if, to the site in question, there are as many links as possible from other sites, preferably in the same area of ​​activity and with a PageRank high (PageRank is a note, from 0 to 10, given by Google’s search engine to each website (any page in the site), and basically appreciates its quality)

By using these techniques, virtually any site, with insignificant content, was shortly after launching the first results in the Google search engine list after the keywords for which it was optimized.

In order to promote quality websites and of course to protect the most important advertising system, Google Adwords, the proprietary search engine company, implements new indexing and ranking algorithms for sites. So they are Google Panda, Google Penguin, Google Hummingbird, etc.

Content Marketing

At this point in time, the SEO concept has undergone changes, content marketing being now one of the most popular terms, with this concept promising sites with original, consistent content and quality. In the opinion of optimization specialists, important are now: setting the title and description Meta tags, writing original content and rich in text and media information, website links with social networks, etc.

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