Recycled parts come from vehicles that are removed prematurely from the road, for example as a result of an accident. They have often been declared total loss by insurance companies and sent to a recycling center.Everything is not to throw on these vehicles. Parts that are still in excellent condition are carefully picked by recycling professionals. They have received extensive training. They ensure that each of them meets the quality criteria established by the recycling company. They are thoroughly cleaned and inspected.Since recycled parts are original parts, they are perfectly adapted to your vehicle. They are also of the highest quality.

A gesture for the environment

An important aspect of recycled parts is that they often cost almost half the price of a new part. In addition to giving a second life to parts, recycling centers recover substances that are very harmful to the environment, including mercury, antifreeze, motor and transmission oil, batteries, tires, etc. These centers must meet strict environmental standards. If you are planning to recycle your accidental car, old auto parts, batteries, call Kinsbursky brothers to deal with your problems. Broken car long been waiting in your backyard and you fear of soil contamination? Yes, you have the best auto parts recycling service provider number in your directory.

When your vehicle needs repair, consider asking your car mechanic for an evaluation comparing the prices of recycled parts and new parts. You will be able to see if the purchase of recycled parts is interesting for you. If you ask for recycled parts, the mechanic will only have to order them at the recycling center, which will deliver them quickly, directly to his workshop.In addition, if you are a do-it-yourselfer and do some repairs yourself on your vehicle, you can get recycled parts directly from the recyclers.Choosing to use recycled parts is a good gesture for the environment. When in addition it saves money, without sacrificing quality, why do not do it then?

Conclusion: The challenge of recycling the battery of an electric car

These batteries belong to the same family as cell phones, tablets or computers, lithium-ion batteries, which the plant has been recycling for more than a years.Those cars must first be dismantled to separate the different elements that constitute it. The metal case, plastic parts and electronic circuits are rerouted to specialized recyclers. The cells, which form the basic unit of a battery, are processed on site.The cells are crushed to recover the metals. Recyclers are interested in the metals contained in the electrodes and their coatings. In general, recycling metals consumes less energy than extracting them from the ground. The pouches are crushed and then two different metal mixtures are recovered, the first contains flakes of copper and aluminum and the second is a black paste.



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