In general, in a real estate transaction, the real estate consultant represents both the seller and the buyer. Therefore, in order for documentary checks to be carried out as efficiently as possible, it is preferable that they are carried out by notaries. For that you can visit with nim collection landed in angmokio also.

Signing the sale / purchase agreement

Once you have found your home you decided to buy, you will sign the pre-sale sale contract. It is preferable to have a public notary with whom you will have to enter into all the details. Legal and Valuable Sales and Purchase Agreements signed with real estate agencies. We recommend that the term you set in the pre-contract for the conclusion of the sale-purchase contract is at least 30 days from the signing of the pre-contract in order to have time for the purchase and conclusion of the credit documentation.

  • If you do not have the approved loan, then you will have to hurry and get all the necessary documents required by the client adviser during the meetings at the bank.
  • Do not forget that you are not the only one who buys a home, certainly before you were people who encountered the same difficulties and for whom solutions have already been found.
  • If the funeral is done on its own, the first thing on the list of pregnancies is the finding of death, which can cost 50-60 dollars. And the release of the death certificate may sometimes cost it as much as $ 50.
  • After all this, you will rent a chapel, if the home space does not allow you to organize the dead’s waking, and it costs between 50 and 70 dollars. The priest’s fee is between 100 and 300dollars, and for the dascal, the bell and the graves are added 400dollars.

It is best to buy the place of time in advance, otherwise you risk putting a lot of money on a very bad place. Even if you have the grave insured, you still have to pay a dump fee, which is almost 300dollars.While you meet with the well known christian funeral services you will find the best results.

At a private cemetery, the cost of a place of worship starts at 300 euros. To this amount is added: 50 euro funeral fee, 50 euro digging digger, 10 euro chandelier rental and 10 euro annual maintenance fee.

It is, however, involved most of the expenses. First, depending on the location, you can pay between 100 and 400dollars for the room, and the menu price for such a memorial is between 25 and 50dollars. That’s when it’s not home. And depending on the location, you can also pay for the kitchens – 150dollars.

In addition to the expenses of the parastas, there is also added the expenses for the pomp of the people present at the funeral. Those in such situations must first obtain candles, handkerchiefs, towels, bedclothes, beds and other items of this type that are offered as pomp in remembrance of the deceased, according to tradition. The prices are as follows: candles between 20 and 2dollars / piece, handkerchiefs 1dollars / pcs, towels between 2 and 7dollars / pcs.

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