As well as in any service, people in the majority don’t require the immediate solution of their problems. Each of us is ready to register an appointment on a certain day by the certain time. And now imagine what would be if in any facility someone would speak to us — “we understand that you have a problem, but we can’t tell when it will be solved.”

And IT users, not so much need the instant solution of their problem – the answer to the question “when” and confidence is necessary that promises of help desk service will be kept. Only feedback can provide such predictability for users: whether the application works, what is expected solvation terms and so forth is accepted.

One is able to calm users and to create the image of a professional Support service. The main thing for Support service here is to fulfill the undertaken obligations for terms. Let for a start these terms will also be estimated not for hours, but days.

To observe the obligations, it is necessary to operate the processing of applications. And here standardization is the only way to cope with the large volume of inquiries. If applications depending on type are processed according to identical scenarios, the Service spends much fewer resources for their performance, and the quality of works, in turn, becomes better: terms are reduced, more effective solutions are systemically found.

On ITIL: here we speak, certainly, about processes of management of incidents and requests for services.

By already developed tradition many consultants recommend to begin establishing work with the process of management of incidents. However not always incidents are the most critical moment. Often in our practice, just processing requests for services is critical.

If IT infrastructure is stable, users have the high level of literacy — that work with incidents fades into the background, and here if as, for example, in the banking sector, there is a continuous expansion of business, opening of new branches — the equipment of new jobs, preparation of infrastructure, purchase of the equipment, connection to IT services — all this becomes a priority number one.

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